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“Ik heb de comics ontvangen.
Zeer goed verpakt en in zeer goede staat.
Ik ben er blij mee!”

Total Comics

Today 25-05-2022


Golden age Comics

April 1938 to ca. August 1956


Action Comics #1

(June 1938)

Generally considered
the start of the Golden Age.

Silver age Comics

October 1956 to ca. 1970


Showcase #4

(October 1956)

Generally considered
the start of the Silver Age.

Bronze age Comics

from 1970 to 1984


Green Lantern #76

(April 1976)

There is no one single event
that can be said to herald the
beginning of the Bronze Age.

Copper age Comics

from 1984 to 1991


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1


All time classic issue as an
example of the Copper Age.

Modern age Comics

from 1991 up to now


Batman Adventures #12

(September 1993)

Classic example of a Modern Age comic book.

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