Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a return policy?

Yes, I have. Please send an e-mail with your motivation on how and why you want to return your purchase or part of your purchase. If you have a valid reason it's no problem sending back your purchase.

Is the used image of the actual comic?

Yes, all photos shown in the webshop are representations of the actual comics. I don't use stock photos. To photograph the comic I sometimes have taken the comic out of it's bag to prevent / reduce the effect of reflection.

Are the comics bagged and boarded?

Yes, expensive comics are always individually bagged and boarded. The cheaper ones almost always too. Sometimes on a multiple comic purchase cheaper comics can be combined in one bag.

What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs within The Netherlands and Belgium are calculated automatically through the website for orders that weight up to max. 15 kg For orders that weigh over 15 kg you will receive an adjusted invoice.

What carrier do you use?

We do business with "Kiala/UPS" in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Do you ship to foreign countries?

Yes we do but for now the following countries have been automated: Belgium and The Netherlands.
For foreign countries shipping costs will differ, depending on which country and preferences of the customer. Just place your order and wait for an adjusted invoice, you can contact us via an e-mail.

Do you have an other question?

If you have an other question please send me an e-mail at .